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Aleph Male Beard Balm | Anoint Your Beard

Handmade in Jerusalem, with 100% natural ingredients, Aleph Male beard balm makes your beard look majestic, smell heavenly, and feel fresh.

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High quality products and fantastic customer service. The best beard balm I have found !

Justin Boeker

Excellent blend of essential oils. Really feel the shaping effect of the wax and shea butter.

Shammai Siskind

This beard balm is amazing and life changing. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it is really true. I love having a beard but I hate when it is messy. With the balm, my beard goes from looking slept in, to looking groomed and neat in just a few minutes. Thanks guys!

Tzvi Deutsch

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Aleph Male gives 10% of all profits to public and private charities.