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Smells great

Really liked the King's Blessing scent. Smells great nd has a great hold.

Havdalah smells good and keeps my face from itching

I've been happy with this product. My skin skin keeps it's moisture. The smell is great.

Cedar Beard Balm
Lewis Evans
Outstanding Beard Balm.

The Beard Was great and this is my second purchase and will continue to purchase. Beezrat HaShem!

Best Beard Oil Available

I use all the different Aleph Male beard oil scents. They are the best I have found. The Sukkot and Havdalah are my favorites! Highly recommend them!

The Essence of Excellence

I have never been disappointed and don't think I ever will be!

Aleph male

Amazing scents. Great feel, always refreshed.

Cedar Beard Balm
Christopher Rush
Love the Cedar balm!

Great scent, last a long time.


Fresh way to start the morning!

beard oil

I like it, the oil makes my beard feel soft and my wife likes the smell. This is the only company she’ll buy from.

Cedar Beard Balm
Leibel Nebenzahl
Aleph male

The smells are great!
Easy to apply.
Feel fresh after.


Great for those who want a strong scent experience.

Great scent.

This is a great scent, and the oil does a great job. It’s one of my favorites.

Havdalah (Spirit & Spice) Beard Balm

Awesomeness from the Holy Land 🙂👍

What a blessing to have a great quality beard balm and in addition it comes straight from Jerusalem 🙂👍!!

Amazing Christmas gifts from Aleph Male🙂

What a blessing it was to receive my order just before Christmas.🎄⭐️🙏! The quality of Eitan’s products is truly amazing 👍Now I’ve also started sharing with my bearded friends here in New Zealand Aleph Male’s products & they very much love it👍 And the icing on the cake -Eitan’s prompt communication & business generosity are also greatly appreciated🙏👍🙂Todah rabah Eitan and may your business be always greatly blessed by the Lord. Piotr from New Zealand

Glorious scent and hold

Honestly, I love the smell of this balm. And it's incredible, when I'm done taming my beard, I rub my hands through my hair and get a nice hold on my hair too.

Beard oil

This is the best beard oil I have used. Great aroma not too strong, easy to apply. Best thing is my wife like it alot!!

Fantastic beard and mustache oil

Love this beard oil! All natural ingredients and smells amazing. Much better than the stuff you can get in most stores that just smell fake. Aleph Male is the real deal. תודה רבה

Superb beard balm

I absolutely love these beard balms for my beard. It really helps to smooth out my scraggly beard and give it a more defining shape. And the quality of the ingredients and frangrances used are unsurpassed. not to mention unbelievable personal customer service and dedication. The smell of the succot balm is quite refreshing and citrusy and a nice touch to my mornings. Thank you Eitan for your awesome product and service :)

Amazing smell, works very well, thank you Aleph male :)

Thank you Aleph Male for your superior boutique family made products. I love your beard balm and use it every day (at least once). Thank you so much for making this available to us :)

Amazing customer service, boutique product

I find myself returning again and again to Aleph Male for their supreme boutique beard balms and oils. In the past purchase I had an issue with one of the balms (not a manufacturer issue, rather it was a personal thing that I didn’t connect with the smell), and Eitan immediately notified me of their satisfaction guarantee and sent out a replacement product on the spot. Wow! I have never seen such dedicated quality customer service. Aleph male! You guys are awesome 😎. I will never be nervous about buying anything from your store and feel 100% guaranteed buying from you. Oh, and I forgot to say, I absolutely love all the other products in my order, and use them daily (sometimes multiple times a day) with joy. I don’t know what my beard and I would do without Aleph Males beard balm. Simcha Tzuf

HaShem Inspired oil

My beard enjoyed tremendously the Sukkot oil as I enjoyed celebrating in the Sukkah.

Excellent products will buy again

Really quality items that smell great and have lasting value. The Sukkot beard balm is amazing and will definitely purchase again.

Smells just like Sukkot and works like a charm!

The scent alone from the Sukkot fragrance immediately brings to mind a fresh etrog at just the right time of year. Aleph Male beard balm is no doubt the most effective at taming my difficult beard out of any other brand I've used. Plus their inclusion of Jewish beard spirituality and encouragement of healthy and sacred masculinity makes the experience all the more authentic and wholesome. In my humble opinion, ALL bearded Jews should use Aleph Male!


As much as I love all of the products I've ever used from Aleph Male, havdalah is still my current favorite! Eitan is mixing beard oils and balms from another world. He has great blends and a love for his products. This is very clear. I buy these as gifts and hand them out to my friends. Once they smell it, they're smiling and hooked! Love this stuff, keep it up!!