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Best Beard Balm Ever!!!

I absolutely love this beard balm. I especially love the available fragrances. I have tried a lot of beard products including balms, oils, and waxes. Aleph Male is always at the top, and has become my “go to” beard product.

My Order

The balm smells amazing, as the oils help moisturize the hairs on my face. Would recommend and will purchase again. Thank you! May El Shaddai continue to bless you

My Order

The balm smells amazing, as the oils help moisturize the hairs on my face. Would recommend and will purchase again. Thank you! May El Shaddai continue to bless you

Gut Shaboss

Rock out in this awesome Jewish Gear!

Great product!

The best scent yet!

Love this product

Second order just as wonderful as the first. I love the way it makes my beard soft and reduces itching and has a wonderful scent and so much easier to apply than others Ive used. Getting ready to order my 3rd flavor

Great Mug

Love this mug for my morning coffee or any other beverage. Happy with the large size and the quality! It was shipped very well packaged and arrived safely. It is a great addition to my kitchen and has joined my morning routine.


Great product

Only thing I use

Hashed has blessed all of us in many ways but one of the ways he has blessed men is by creating the Aleph Male. I love this product and I am not kidding when I say it is the only grooming product I use. I use it for my beard and my hair. The reason why I like product is because it is natural, it is for any ethnicity, and it is Jewish.

Cedar Beard Oil

Amazing (and smells good)

When a product works, smells good and your wife approves, beard life is good :) lchaim!

Loved the scent and the screw-top lid

Two things that make Aleph Male balm stand-out are that (1) the balm melts faster in the hands to make it easier to apply to the beard than most other products, and (2) the screw top is much easier to open (especially with wet hands) that the usual pop-up lid with most other balms. I have tried two scents now with Aleph Male and prefer the cedar.

Very practical

This product is perfect for shaping my beard. Its scent is fairly mild and I only need to use a very small amount.

Great product

I love it, the scent is clean and fresh and makes my beard much smoother and softer than other products I have tried. Will be ordering more shortly
Enjoy and be blessed

King's Blessing Beard Oil

Manly scented

Anoint your beard is the perfect slogan for the company! My beard shines and has a pleasant woodsy tone to it, not heavy or perfumed. Some products go overboard or leave oil stains on your shirt- not this one, these guys nailed it!


This is good too, like it says there isn't too much of a scent and it makes my beard nice and smoovvv


I ordered both the Havdalah beard balm and the Havdalah beard oil. The ordering process was easy, and the shipping was fast. I love the scent, and the products manage my beard well. I ordered these products because they were made from local ingredients and made in Israel. I will keep buying these products because they work great.

Very fast delivery and wonderful product in a perfect container

"Shavuah tov. Good week." Delivery was very fast. I have used similar products from other vendors, but this Aleph Male balm is superior for at least two reasons. (1) It melts easier and faster when rubbed between the palms for smooth application to the beard. (2) The container for the balm has a screw top. All the other brands have had smooth containers and it would be a challenge to open them up with wet hands, and short finger nails. Unscrewing the cap to get to the balm is much easier. I am hoping that I will be using these products for many years. Thanks for producing such a fine product, reliable customer service, and the opportunity to sing your praises. Shalom.

Boker Tov Beard Oil

Since receiving this oil, I have used it daily. It smells fantastic, with a fresh scent that is subtle, not overwhelming. While this isn't a magic cure rendering my beard instantly smooth, I have noticed a huge difference in my beard; its less coarse, less tangled, and smells and feels so much nicer. I will most definitely be buying more!

Made my beard perfect

I have never been able to grow a nice beard. Its always a mess, scratchy, and I look like a homeless person.

In come aleph male beard balm. I massaged it in every day after my shower and what a treat! The whole world ended up smelling like lemon, my davening was so elevated! And boy o boy, Baruch Hashem, my beard looked like. Grew in so clean, organized.

I am very happy with it!

Wonderfully soft and comfortable

Shirt arrived in timely manner. Beautiful and very soft long sleeve t-shirt. It is very comfortable either showing or underneath another shirt. Very happy.

Quality products and genuine customer service

These guys get it when you're looking for quality beard products and their customer service is impressive too. I ordered the King's Blessing oil + balm kit and they are definitely quality products with a pleasant aroma. When this order got damaged through the USPS, their response was quick to resolve the issue. These two facets of business (quality products and good customer service) are what sets this company apart from generic ones!

Because the company sent the cedar balm late it added another tin for free, without me asking!

Kings Blessing Balm - 2oz Tin