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Good product with a good spirit from a good land!

I have been purchasing beard products from Amazon with mixed results... I stumbled upon Aleph Male and ordered both the oil and balm... I've been very pleased with the quality of the products, and I'm even happier to support an Israeli-based company!

Best beard balm I’ve used

It’s great!

Absolute Israel Beard Oil
Anthoney Horine
Love it

Love it and will continue to buy it

Smells delicious

As usual the balm is smooth and does a great job. The smell is just wonderful

Great balm!

Great beard balm! It makes my beard feel much healthier while help me keep it in shape.
My wife and I love the smell of the king's blessing.

Nothing could be better

Keeping your beard holy and spiritual is absolutely compounded with Aleph Male, I've been using these products for years and it literally filled in the gaps in my beard physically which of course spiritually fulfilled me. Stay blessed and treat yourself right by buying Aleph Male, there's nothing better out there in the market!

Keep Using This

When I first got my tin I couldn’t smell the balm like Sukkot, which I love. Now as I go deeper into the product I’m getting more of the scent which is very nice. As usual it is very smooth and does the job.

Absolute Israel Beard Oil
Nicholas Shetzer
Best oil ever!

Thank you so much for this wonderful pil.
Never have I ever had a beard or balm agree so much with my hair. I've been using absolute isreal oil with a dash of kings blessing balm for scent and texture on the weekends and its been marvelous!

Shabbat Shalom,
Nicholas Shetzer

Presently surprised

This oil has a great smell to it. A real joy to use, even the wife loves the smell.
Solved all the flacking like a dry skin issues I had.
Genuinely recommend this product.

Pleasant Surprise!

I was a regular user of another Beard Grooming brand, and after their formula was changed, I searched several other brands..I remembered the Aleph Male brand from seeing it years ago and decided to try it.. I am a big fan of aroma and consistency of product.. the Havdalah scent was great and the consistency of the balm was smooth and easy to apply! I am a new fan! Thanks and I look forward to being a regular user! Blessings and Success!


The “Absolute Israel” beard oil has been fantastic. Natural oils such as the olive, jojoba, argon, and almond oil is refreshing for the beard. Applying it has a very pleasant but subtle tones of the natural oils. This is a great after beard cleaning product as well, to replenish the oils from your skin lost to shampoo and conditioner. An added bonus is that it helps support Israel. As a Christian I love the land from where my Lord is from. I want to support Adonis people as well, they are his chosen after all. I love this product and i love the land and people of Israel. Get it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Excellent product with a great scent & great customer service! The oil is a nice viscous quality that absorbs well into my beard leaving it soft with a clean non-greasy shine. The scent is wonderful & I plan on sampling another soon! Eitan from Customer service was very happy to help me with an error in tracking as well!

smells and works great. Delivered quickly.

Cedar Beard Balm
Nili Salem
Aleph Male Beard Balm is Holy and Epic!

May every man be blessed to enhance and anoint his beard with this awesome product!

Beard fest

Some of my favorite scents in one balm. This is a keeper!

Absolute Israel Beard Oil
Johnnie Simpson
A luxurious part of my routine

Aleph Male's Absolute Israel Beard Oil works so well to keep my beard smelling fresh and feeling soft. And all the ingredients are sourced from Eretz Yisrael, so every time I use it I feel connected to the Jewish homeland. Can't recommend these products enough.

Great product

I really enjoy this product. You don’t have to send any free items. Thank you very much.

Bless Israel

Many Blessings from a humble Sephardim!

Am Israel chai


The most beautiful smell in the morning

I have a sampling of many of the cheaper brands of beard balm from Amazon. They are okay but the smell quickly fades and over a short period of time and the balm starts to feel gritty.
Not Aleph Male. The bouquet energizes and refreshes. It is wonderful to the senses. I have used Sukkot and Boker Tov so far...invigorating. The balm always feels creamy on my skin and it has eradicated the beard dandruff I had. A great buy for a great feeling
It is more expensive than the cheap stuff, but well worth the price.

Keeping that shabbos feeling

Loving this scent, not overpowering but still strong enough. It makes it feel like seudah shlishis singing before havdallah whenever I use it. If singing niggunim with best friends and fine whiskey had a smell, this would be it. Great balance of cinnamon and clove.

Another amazing product

This scent is more subtle than others I’ve used and lovely for early mornings, giving a gentle elevation to beard and soul alike.

Aleph Male is the Best Beard Oil on the Planet....Period!

I've been using Aleph Male beard oils for years. I've tried all the scents, and they're all wonderful. I love that they're made in Israel. The absolute best!

Don’t Let Your Beard Out Without I

AlephMale beard oil - don’t let your beard be seen without it. Thames your beard while it conditions. And the Boker Yov fragrance lets you introduce a happy good morning wherever you go.

Like the oil that ran upon the beard, even Aharon’s beard...

This balm is a blessing in a bottle. This product helps to settle wild hair and leaves it soft and a little shine, but not greasy. The beeswax melts easily so application is simple and consistent. I’ve used other balms or beard waxes that did melt consistently and left clumps. Not with Aleph male. The scent is not overwhelming, it smells great when initially and then throughout the day I notice a little bit of scent, mostly if I mess with the beard (I tried the Sukkot scent, and it’s like I’m shaking the Lulav when I put it on). I’m going to order the havdalah scent next, and I highly recommend this product. Support Israeli crafts folk and do your beard a favor!