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Beard balm and oil Combo

Aleph Male has the best products hands down. The quality, the scent, the effect of the balms and oils are second to none! Highly recommended!

Kings blessing

The kings blessing beard oil is wonderful. It smells great and keeps my beard tamed and shiny.

Love this product

Reminders of the Holy Land

As always Eitan brings to the various parts of the world his awesome & high quality beard products. He always marvels when I re-order his products from a remote place such as New Zealand. For me to put on my beard oil that comes from Israel feels so special! And as always, Eitan is awesome to do business with - he’s very efficient, polite & generous.

King's Blessing Beard Balm

King's Blessing Beard Balm

Taking my beard to new heights!

Love to product. It's made my beard feel better than ever. And Eitan is a wonderful guy that certainly knows what goes into making a quality product.

Amazing Beard Oil

The Sukkot beard oil is by far my favorite. It has a wonderful lemon smell and keeps my beard soft, tame, and shiny. I am so grateful for this product.

Outstanding products

Shalom, outstanding products. Will certainly be ordering again. Highly recommend.

Lavender & bergamot

Lavender is nice, but it’s the citrus aroma of bergamot that really makes Boker Tov beard balm!

Amazing Beard Products

All of the Aleph Male beard products I ordered are amazing! I use the oils daily (Boker Tov, Kings Blessing, and Sukkot), and when I have a special occasion that needs that extra shiny, good smelling, taming of my beard I’ll use the beard balms (Havadalah and Sukkot). Depending on which scent I’m feeling that day I will change out which oil I use. They all smell amazing and make my beard so shiny and soft. I recommend these oils and balms for any bearded man who wants to smell, look, and feel great!

Aleph Male Mug
William Chaparro
Aleph Male Mug

I love my Aleph Male Mug!

Wonderful balm!

The balm has an amazing citrus fragrance that smells great, lasts a long time.

smell amazing

good quality

Boker Tov Combo
Greg Schneider
Smooth and growing

I love how my beard is blossoming with help from Aleph Male’s beard oil and balm. The 13 Attributes of Mercy have found a nice home in my beard.

Viscosity is spot on!

Perfect for my drying beard. Always always apply products on a damp beard!
Will come for now

Alive and growing

I routinely put the Aleph Male oil on my beard every morning after showering and I feel that my beard comes alive. Later in the day, I apply the balm and it gives my beard a healthy full look to it.

Havdalah, Havdalah, Havdalah!

I love the cinnamon & cloves scent of the Havdalah beard products! Now I have it in the oil AND the balm, reinforcing each other's spiciness! Will definitely be doing this again when I run low!

There is no other worthy oil

Simply the best a young lion of Judah could ask for! Found my brand for life, kol ha'kavod Eitan (also my name)!

Havdalah (Spirit & Spice) Beard Oil
John Guineau

Wonderful scent. Quality oil. What more can you ask for?

Cedar Beard Oil
Brandon Clancy

Cedar Beard Oil


This is by far one of the best beard oils I've tried, and to top it off it comes from the Holy land!!

Boker Tov Beard Oil

Great beard oil with the best scents that I have come across. Would recommend Aleph Male to anyone searching for a great beard oil.

Sukkot (Royal Festival) Beard Oil

Boker Tov balm and Yesold oil

As usual I ordered my fav balm ever... It has that fresh small I cant get enough.
I tried the Yesold oil for the first time and thats perfect.
Keep on the good work
May Hashem bless you.

King's Blessing Beard Oil
Pierre-André Mauduit
Soft blend for late afternoon

I like the soft blend of jasmine and sage, especially in the late afternoon when I need to give some shape and care to my beard.