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Extremely pleased

The consistency is just right. The fragrance is great. Leaves my beard feeling soft. The Boker Tov has become my wife’s favorite and I have found a new “go to” company. When you add the principles and foundational beliefs of the this company, you can’t go wrong doing business with them. Easily one of my top 3 favorite companies.

Aleph Male AWESOME shirt

Love my Aleph Male shirt. Fits perfectly and I really like the logo.

New Addiction

Love this product! Great quality, great fragrance. I find myself breathing deep throughout the day just to smell it. New addition

Cedar oil

Really like this cedar scent! It stayed with me a good 10 hours or more. Will be purchasing the balm in the near future for sure.

Smells and feels great!

It smells and feels great!

Great products! The oils and creams have rejuvenated my beard from month of abuse from the harsh desert environment. My beard is back to being soft and healthy. Thank you all for such great products.


Just as great as the others.

Incredible fragrance

Applies with great texture and makes beard hold while having an aroma that reminds me of citrus.

It smells good

The scent is good. Personally I could only use a smidgen of it at a time. Most likely its my skin that is too sensitive to certain essential oils. Other than that it smells good and made my beard soft.

Sukkot Royal Festival

I love this brand all their products are very good quality. This one in particular my whole family loves the smell of it. All beard oils Ive tried from aleph male tame the beard and keep it neat. The fact ingredients used are from isreal to me personally is amazing.


The sent of sukkot smells amazing i get a lot of complements. It makes my beard soft and healthy!!!! Give it a try!!!


Great addition to my Aleph Male collection

Great Stuff

I have purchased both the scented and unscented balms. This morning was the first time I have tried the unscented, after using the scented one exclusively. I love it! I am glad to use the product and happy to support the philosophy if Aleph Male!

Still hasn’t arrived

I would have loved to review your product, unfortunately it still has not arrived !!!


This’s so awesome! I’ve tried all of the scents from Aleph Male (except Purim Paradox, I missed out on that one!). Each scent is wonderfully unique, and each one puts me in a different state of mind. The Sukkot blend brings me such joy, as it puts me in the mood to celebrate! Sukkot is the “Season of our Joy”, and this scent accentuates the joy of this season! It’s like I’m carrying the lulav and etrog with me everywhere I go!

Love the Beard Balm!

I moved to Aleph Male for two reasons; to try a new product that wasn't as "oily" that also worked and because I loved the fundamental thought behind "Aleph." My initial order was lost in the mail and was promptly replaced with a new shipment. I can say that both the product and customer service have put a smile on my face, a wonderful fragrance, and a wonderful shine on my beard! Reviewed happily by a future repeat customer!

Love the smell!

just recieved the 'sukkot beard balm' and am loving the smell. It gets better every day. My wife loves the smell too which is a plus :) it goes on nicely and leaves my beard very shiny. Looking forward to trying another scent when this one runs out
Keep it up

Excellent product for the price

Best beard balm I’ve used!

Holy beard

Absolutely love ALEPH MALE!!! The scent is amazing! Great price! It's a must have for your beard!!!

Beard oil

I love the scent. Wonderful product

Beginning of the week

Great scent

Just in time

Think our postal system in Israel is using ponies like America did in the 1800's but Aleph Male processed my order immediately and the good news my Sukkot scented balm arrived before the holiday. Smells very nice - thanks Eitan

Exactly what I had hoped for

I prefer my beard balms on the spicy side, and anointing my beard with Havdalah makes for a wonderful day -- especially as the weather in the USA begins to cool off! Thanks, Aleph Male!

Best beard balm I have used to date.

Toda Raba for excellent Tee shirt design, I wear then with pride. Boker Tov and saving Sukkot balm for the soon coming feast. Shalom Mashiach now!

Havdalah (Spirit & Spice) Beard Balm