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Some Testimonials

"Fabulous product. Love the natural formula, awesome scent, and of course the incomparable logo. Found myself wanting to grow my beard longer just so I could apply more balm!"

- Andy Sinton

"Thank you Aleph Male for fixing my beard."

- Big Mike

"My husband and I love the Aleph Male Beard Balm. My husband is not the type to use any grooming extras, so when he comes out of the shower smelling fabulous with a fluffy, glistening beard, it just makes me so happy...and obviously him too or he wouldn't be applying it daily."

- Jory Sussmam

"Amazing product with amazing smells."

- Moty Lieberman

"Just looked in the mirror after trying the balm. The beard is tamed and glistening. Love it!"

- Shammai Siskind

"Itamar's beard never looked so good"

- Efrat Landau (Itamar's wife)

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