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7 Epic Jewish Beard Quotes

Most people don't know it, but Jewish beard culture is actually thousands of years old. Moses had a beard. King David had a beard. Here are seven quotes spanning ancient to modern Jewish beard history that have inspired the Aleph Male beard movement.

1. "... you shall not destroy the edge of your beard."
- Leviticus: 19:27

Commentary: Think about this, the Five Book of Moses teaches that God commanded the ancient Israelite men to let their beards grow!

2. “The beard is the channel for one's livelihood.”
- Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Commentary: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson was possibly the greatest Jewish spiritual giant of the past century. He often taught that a man's beard was literally a physical channel for spiritual blessing including financial success.

3. “[The term] 'hadras ponim' — the splendor of the countenance — refers to a beard.”
- The Talmud (Shabbos 152a)

Commentary: The Talmud is the ultimate repository for the oral teaching of Jewish wisdom and teaches that it is the beard that crowns a man's face.

4. How good is it when the brothers sit together in unity! Like the good oil on the head, that flows on the beard, the beard of Aharon, which runs down on the mouth of his garments.
- Psalm 133

Commentary: The first metaphor Psalm 133 uses to describe how good it is when brothers sit together in peace, is that it's like flowing sacred anointing oil that blesses the head and beard. #letyourbeardflow

5. A man's beard represents channels for divine abundance and reflect supernal G‑dly qualities of kindness and trust, which men are called to embody.
- Reb Zecharyiah Goldman

6. “The 13 Attributes of Mercy are revealed through the beard.”
- Pri Etz Chayim, Shaar HaSlichot Ch. 4

[Simple understanding - through maintaining the beard within the halachic parameters]

Commentary: The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy are 13 divine qualities that are chanted daily in Jewish prayers to open the gates of blessing for the world.

7. “Woe to one who extends his hand to <shaves> the sublime beard.”
- The Zohar

Commentary: The Jewish mystical text the Zohar teaches that the beard opens up gateways of spiritual blessing and to shave it is to close those doors. 


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