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About Aleph Male

The Aleph Male lifestyle brand is a Jewish expression of the rising global zeitgeist among men to grow and celebrate their beards. It is also a reclaiming of ancient Jewish spirituality connected to the beard. The scents of our beard balms and oils are inspired by the smells of Jewish holidays and special times. For example, the smell of myrtle is connected to the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles), and our Sukkot scent blend features myrtle as one of its core fragrances.
What most people don’t know is that Jewish beard culture is literally thousands of years old.  Moses had a beard. King David had a beard. The custom for Jewish men to anoint their hair and beards with sacred oil goes back to the Bible.  According to Jewish spiritual teachings, the beard is a physical manifestation of a spiritual quality connected to divine mercy,  kindness, patience, love, and blessing.  The Talmud refers to the beard as the 'splendor' of a man's face and the late great Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson is quoted as saying, 'The beard is the channel for one's livelihood.'. 

Aleph Male believes that every human being, every man, is made in the image of God.  As a Jewish lifestyle brand, we want to present a new vision of actualized masculinity.  An actualized man is often described as an 'alpha male', he is the 'top dog', on top of everyone else, men and women, and controlling them and dominating them. We love dogs but we do not believe that being 'the top dog' is an accurate metaphor for actualized masculinity.
We believe that actualized masculinity is when a man becomes a channel for blessing by tapping into the divine spark within him. The 'Aleph Male' is a man who lives in alignment with his highest self.  The aleph male honors the sacredness of life and respects the feminine. The aleph male uplifts and blesses those around him rather than controlling and exploiting them. 
At this point, the Aleph Male beard tribe is growing microculture with hundreds of men here in Israel and the US. There are Jewish and gentile men using Aleph Male in 30 US states.