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A letter from Eitan about some changes to Aleph Male

Shalom Aleph Male Customers,

 Each person is a world unto themselves and I hope that your world is filled with abundant goodness and blessings. 

I am making some big changes to Aleph Male in order to make it more sustainable for the small business it is. More specifically I am changing my shipping, my packaging, and my base recipe.

How am I changing my shipping? I am going to be shipping directly from Israel, this means it is going to take longer for my US customers to get their products but it also means I can throw in extra free goodies like stickers, Israeli chocolates, dates, or beautiful stones I picked myself from the earth here in the Holy Land. I am also going to be working on adding more shipping options as well.

How am I changing the packaging? I am using new tins for the beard balm which I am getting from an Israeli company instead of importing them myself, they are 50ml instead of 60ml.


And, I am also changing the size of the Aleph Male beard oil from 50ml to 30ml. That being said after doing some market research I am keeping the price the same.


 I know this can be seen as charging more for less, but the truth is I have been undercharging and I am also upgrading the recipe.

How am I upgrading the recipe? I am adding two more carrier oils to both the oil and the balm. Specifically, jojoba oil which is produced here on an Israeli farm here in the Holy Land as well as imported castor oil. 

I still have some stock left in the USA so I might be doing some partial fulfillment from both Israel and the US depending on the order. It also means I can be more flexible in the products I am offering because I don’t need to get them to the US first. 

I realize that some of these changes may not sit well with you, especially my long-time customers, please be in touch with me if you have any feedback, thoughts, complaints, or ideas. You can email me at, or call me using my US # at 720 408 3942 but keep in mind I am in Israel so please don’t call me in the middle of the night! Also, you can WhatsApp using my Israeli number:  +972549420141

To celebrate these changes I am releasing a special discount code which will give you $5 off any purchase you make from the Aleph Male store between today -  Tuesday, June 14 & Friday, June 21.

The code is: alephjoy5

With love from the Holy Land,

Eitan Ben Avraham