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Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm
Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm
Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm
Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm
Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm

Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm

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Boker Tov means 'good morning' in Hebrew and this blend uses lavender (energizes and relaxes at the same time) combined with cedar (think lush forest filled with fragrant trees) and bergamot (really sunny citrus oil) to liven up your beard and your spirit whenever you put in on!

Use Aleph Male beard balm to:

  • Make your beard look sharper and shapely
  • Moisturize the beard and the skin underneath (much better than a dry scraggly beard)
  • Control your beard frizz and fly away hairs
  • Reveal the natural colors and tints of your beard
  • Give your beard an amazing natural scent with aromatherapy grade essential oils

Aleph Male Product Inspiration:

Did you know? According to Jewish spirituality when you wear a beard, you open the gates of blessing. The beard is one of the hallmarks of Jewish sacred masculinity. Thousands of years ago the Hebrew Bible describes how the ancient Israelites would anoint priests and kings with sacred oils. In Psalm133 King David refers to the ‘goodly oil’ that ‘runs down the beard’ of the Aaron the High Priest. 

Also, the Aleph (א) is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and symbolizes Unity and creativity. An Aleph Male is a man, a mensch, who tunes his spirit to his highest self and Aleph Male beard care is here to tune your beard to a higher level of majesty. Handmade from 100% natural ingredients including oils and beeswax from Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) Aleph Male makes your beard look kingly, feel fresh and soft, and smell amazing.

More Information:

  • Easy open screw top tin
  • 2oz tin lasts a month or longer with daily use

      Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Bees Wax (sourced in Israel), Olive Oil (sourced in Israel), Vitamin -E Oil as well as Lavender, Cedar and Bergamot essential oils. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Boker Tov

      I love this beard balm! No surprise though all of your products are amazing.

      So glad I finally tried it

      I had been wanting to try out Aleph Male beard balm for a while now, and I am so glad I did. My beard feels soft and relaxed, and it looks better than ever. I am glad to finally be taking care of my beard. It is now an integral part of my pre-shabbos routine. The aroma is nice too. It's also great to buy a product when you support the message behind it! Will likely be buying again.

      Great scent and shine

      Wonderful product, gives great scent and shine to my messy beard.


      Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm

      Best Beard Balm Ever!!!

      I absolutely love this beard balm. I especially love the available fragrances. I have tried a lot of beard products including balms, oils, and waxes. Aleph Male is always at the top, and has become my “go to” beard product.