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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
Based on 94 reviews
Amazing product!

Love the scent! Works great!

Love love love

In love with this shirt can’t wait for more items to come out

Eitan and team make an awesome product. Only product I use.

Great product.

I love the Sukkot balm and oil. I need to order more. I recently ordered Purim Paradox to try. I will go back to the Sukkot. It is my favorite so far.

Shalom Eitan.

Summit Balm

Great product!

Great smell

Never leave the house without my Aleph Male beard balm on!!

Sukkot Beard Glory

Really enjoying this Holy Land product- my beard smells great! Thank you!

as advertised

the balm is nice, softens the beard and smells pleasant

My husband loves Aleph Male his beard is very shiny and healthier now


I got my husband Aleph Male as a gift and when he received and began using it; it was amazing the transformation, product quality is amazing to say the least. I got him two 2 oz tins; one was Yesod (unscented) and the other was Havdalah (you can smell the besamim its lovely).

Before my husband began using Aleph Male his beard was breaking and it was very brittle and dry even though he used conditioner on it.

Now, with Aleph Male its the complete opposite and much more. Amazing, amazing for all beards and its all natural, Baruch Hashem! I have to admit I sneak into the Yesod one, every few days to rub a little bit onto my cuticles and nail bed and it has helped soften my cuticles. B'ezrat Hashem Aleph Male will make a cuticle and nail product in the same format for all to use.. maybe? :)

But, for I am very happy for my husband and the creation of Aleph Male, since it is the best product on the entire market for all men and of high quality natural ingredients and "a happy beard, a happy husband = a happy wife" :)

Keep producing your amazing product and you may consider also enclosing a tin of Aleph Male in the Lev Haolam pkgs that the supporters of Israeli products buy globally monthly.

Thank you Aleph Male for all you do for our male mishpachah!

Toda raba and be greatly blessed in all you do in the future.

Chasia Aviela


I've been using beard products of all kinds for Over 4 years, but just over a year ago my perspective completely changed. I received my first tin of AlephMale when my Son visited from the Holy Land. Since then I have anointed my beard daily with this fantastic product. My beard feels soft and smells wonderful.

Awesome product

The friend I sent it to for a Hanukkah gift loves it.

good stuff

A fresh woodsy smell and conditioning that lasts all day. Highly recommended.

Erev Tov

I love this product it is the only product I use for my beard. It will be the only product that I use. It is not only a great product for all ethnicities but it is a company that holds my Jewish values.

Hanukkah 2oz Balm - Limited Edition
I legitimately feel annointed.

I bought it in support of, and in admiration of your work in Jerusalem. Loved the name. Loved the concept. My beard is large and righteous. But I didnt really think of the word annoint until I started using it. The frankenscence helps, I’m sure. Some ancient memory.

How wonderous is His work that all of creation should happen to produce the moment where I thought about it differently. Life! Such a journey.

Blessings and best wishes from Texas.
5 stars. Will eventually buy more.

Great stuff!!

Cedar Balm

It works as well as your other products. For some reason it is a little gritty, but the grit dissolves as you warm it up with your hands.Very nice subtle woody aroma.

Boker Tov Balm - 2oz Tin

Boker Tov Balm - 2oz Tin


My favorite beard balm! Just the right about of hold and condition. Great fragrance too.

Boker Tov Beard Oil - 1.7 oz

Boker Tov Beard Oil - 1.7 oz

Taming and soothing to a new beard

I recently grew a beard after 25+ years since my first one. The Aleph Male beard oil not only kept my wiry old beard together, it also helped sooth the itch in my skin. And my family likes the smell!

Needed an unscented beard balm; it did the trick.

I am enjoying this balm. Not too goopy like some, but warms up quickly in the hands. Nice withing being too oily. Keeps my bear from frizzing out all over the place.

An honest review.

There are many things I like about the beard balm I received from Aleph Male:
I like that it was made by a fellow kosher Jew.
I like that it was made in the holy city of Jerusalem.
I like that it was made by hand and imbued with kedusha and ahavat Yisrael.
I like the cedar aroma of the balm, reminiscent of the cedar that was used in the Beit Hamikdash.
There is one thing that I initially did not like about the product:
The balm had a grainy consistency which I guessed was most likely unmelted bees wax. No matter how much I rubbed the balm between my palms, I could not get it to smooth out and become fully liquid. The sandy grains made a bit of a mess when applied to my beard. But taking a chance, I remelted the entire tin to a liquid state, and after cooling, the product was smooth and creamy and a delight to use. I will definitely order more Aleph Male beard balm!


Excellent quality and service!!