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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
Based on 419 reviews
King’s Blessing

My beard does feel blessed from the King and it’s soft and shiny too.

Sukkot Review

Literally smells and reminds me off esrogim and lulavs! Love it so much and very stoked to use it every week and every sukkot!

Boker Tov Review

Boker Tov oil and balm is the best! I start off my work week using this to get me going for the rest of the day and week!


Wow wow wow a beautiful blend

Aleph Male Hoody
Greg Schneider
Alep Male Hoody

The hoody arrived at the best time as the weather here in California got a bit colder. I happily wear my hoody around town representing the brand while sporting my holy Jewish beard.


I have used many different products and this is by far the best result for my beard

Complete awesomeness

Both in scent and texture.
Highly recommending of course, bought 3 extra as presents for friends.

Boker Tov

So.. After a few weeks with this balm and oil... Wowwwww
Great products.... High quality...
Also the smell it's amazing..
Next time i will try another smell

King's Blessing Beard Oil
William Chaparro
King's Blessing Beard Oil

Nice Product and scent. Keeps your beard nice and soft and smelling great

Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm

Yesod (unscented) Beard Oil
Two Chassids In A Pod

Love this product

works great

works very well, use it daily

Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm
Peter Herman (פֶּתַח Herman)
Great scented soft feeling mane

Double the balm, double the oil, Aleph Male leads me to my next Toil!---following CD to my first one "Tikkun Olam"!! The balm & oil have an incredibly beautiful scent and render a smooth, soft beard. Throughout the day the scent reels me in & reminds me to stay within Beauty. ב״ה Herman פֶּתַח

The Final Act

The final act of the morning ritual applying my beard balm. Having the subtle aroma and the comfortable smoothness throughout the day - what a blessing - thanks Eitan

First Beard Oil Purchase

This was my first time purchasing an Aleph Male beard oil, and I am so happy I did. I find that the beard oil especially relaxes and softens the beard, perhaps even more so than the balm. Always exciting to try new products, and I am confident I will be using this one frequently!

Great stuff

I've been using my aleph make beard balm and oil semi-regularly since I bought it. They feel great on my beard and skin, though the scents don't go very well together, but that's my fault. There are just so many enticing scents to choose from

Beard Oil

I bought beard oil and received beard balmb as a gift.
It must be noted that the products are simply great and give the beard quality and more effective care.
Thank you so much.

Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Oil
Pierre-André Mauduit
Best way to start the day

I've tried different brand but I am always coming back to aleph male oil. It suits my beard the best and it lasts throughout the day.

Love It!

Smells amazing feels GREAT!

Great product

I ordered all three and can’t decide which one I like the best. We had a fun time at a Sukkah party passing around the Sukkot oil with special blessings for all the beards. Thanks for making this available to the USA! Blessings, to you Eitan.

טוב בוקר טוב משמן טוב

שמן מעולה, עושה את העבודה ושומר על הזקן
לקח לי כמה ימים להתרגל לריח המעניין, אבל עכשיו ממש למדתי לאהוב אותו

Beard balm and oil Combo

Aleph Male has the best products hands down. The quality, the scent, the effect of the balms and oils are second to none! Highly recommended!

Kings blessing

The kings blessing beard oil is wonderful. It smells great and keeps my beard tamed and shiny.

Love this product

Reminders of the Holy Land

As always Eitan brings to the various parts of the world his awesome & high quality beard products. He always marvels when I re-order his products from a remote place such as New Zealand. For me to put on my beard oil that comes from Israel feels so special! And as always, Eitan is awesome to do business with - he’s very efficient, polite & generous.