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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
Based on 127 reviews
Made my beard perfect

I have never been able to grow a nice beard. Its always a mess, scratchy, and I look like a homeless person.

In come aleph male beard balm. I massaged it in every day after my shower and what a treat! The whole world ended up smelling like lemon, my davening was so elevated! And boy o boy, Baruch Hashem, my beard looked like. Grew in so clean, organized.

I am very happy with it!

Wonderfully soft and comfortable

Shirt arrived in timely manner. Beautiful and very soft long sleeve t-shirt. It is very comfortable either showing or underneath another shirt. Very happy.

Quality products and genuine customer service

These guys get it when you're looking for quality beard products and their customer service is impressive too. I ordered the King's Blessing oil + balm kit and they are definitely quality products with a pleasant aroma. When this order got damaged through the USPS, their response was quick to resolve the issue. These two facets of business (quality products and good customer service) are what sets this company apart from generic ones!

Because the company sent the cedar balm late it added another tin for free, without me asking!

Kings Blessing Balm - 2oz Tin

Best beard balm

I love your product. If Im not using your beard balm, I’m using your beard oil. It helps to tame my long and wiry beard and keep it looking good. And the Sukkot scent is the best to my nose. Fresh, citrusy, not too heavy. Bright, not dark. I’m already a repeat customer, and you can count on me to keep buying.


I wasn't sure what to expect at first,but once I recieved my Boker Tov Balm, I was sold! It smells great,is not greasy or sticky and leaves my beard soft and glistening.I recommend this product to anyone and everyone.Looking forward to trying other Aleph Male products...Shalom

Perfect product

This was a great gift. My husband loves it. It smells great!! Also fantastic customer service. I will be buying more.

Balm and Oil

I purchased balm and oil for Pesach and it got here just in time for the holidays. I love starting my morning everyday with the smells of the holy land being anointed on my beard.

Great product

Such a pleasant cedar smell, makes me think of hisbodedus in the forest !

Great product

I really enjoy the lavender smell

Great product, great customer service

I have tried several well known beard balms. Aleph Male is by far the best. My beard feels real soft not like straw as it did with some of the others.

Great Product

Love the scent. Keeps your face healthy.

Good Beard Balm!

As a beard "fixative," this does a fine job keeping me looking less like a shaggy mountain goat than I might otherwise. The aroma is definitely wild sage-forward, which I find very refreshing and invigorating.
Looking forward to trying other Aleph Male beard balms in the future!

Love it!

The smell is great. The luster is awesome. I use it liberally to anoint my long, wiry beard to keep it healthy and tame (along with my Aleph Male beard balm). And I love knowing it comes from the Holy Land of Israel.

Kings Blessing Balm - 2oz Tin

Aleph Male Mug

Great looking mug that holds a lot of coffee. But more importantly are the symbols that adorn the cup. Looking upon the Menorah, the Magen David, and the Aleph is constant reminder of the G-d that I love and serve. Shalom!

Awesome balm

This is the best beard balm I've come across. The scent and performance are exactly what I would expect from an Israeli balm. Who knows beards better

Thank you!

Love this Beard Oil. My normally dry bushy beard looks beautiful and healthy and so does my skin underneath!! Thank you!

Cedar Beard Oil - 2 oz

Purim Paradox 2oz Beard Balm - Limited Edition

Purim Paradox 2oz Beard Balm - Limited Edition

Great as always.

My favorite blend!


Smells amazing and softens my beard. Aleph Male were wonderful too, very good customer service.

Perfect Thing to Express My Love for Aleph Male

This high quality shirt will turn me into a walking billboard for Aleph Male, which is exactly what I was hoping for! I’m proud to show it off, along with my amazingly groomed and scented beard! Shalom!


I have had nothing but great experiences from Aleph Male, and this balm keeps that string going; This beard balm is a real pleasure to use, and I get compliments on it all the time! The lavender is soothing, and the cedar and bergamot really pitch in to kick things up!

I have been very, very pleased with everything I have tried from these guys, and I would advise anyone who is thinking of purchasing one of their products to go ahead and take the plunge. You won't be sorry, and neither will your significant other. the tins are a great value ( I am STILL using one that I bought back before Thanksgiving) and the scents are hard to beat!

These guys will be my go-to as long as I am able to purchase from them!