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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
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Cedar Beard Oil
Brandon Clancy

Cedar Beard Oil


This is by far one of the best beard oils I've tried, and to top it off it comes from the Holy land!!

Boker Tov Beard Oil

Great beard oil with the best scents that I have come across. Would recommend Aleph Male to anyone searching for a great beard oil.

Sukkot (Royal Festival) Beard Oil

Boker Tov balm and Yesold oil

As usual I ordered my fav balm ever... It has that fresh small I cant get enough.
I tried the Yesold oil for the first time and thats perfect.
Keep on the good work
May Hashem bless you.

King's Blessing Beard Oil
Pierre-André Mauduit
Soft blend for late afternoon

I like the soft blend of jasmine and sage, especially in the late afternoon when I need to give some shape and care to my beard.

Excellent product

The oil and balm have made my beard healthier and softer. Seems to repair any damage from beard straightener. I am pleased with products performance. It has a scent of nature.

Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Oil
Pierre-André Mauduit
What a blessing!

Love to start my day with Boquer tov! My beard has never been that soft and it lasts during the day.

Cedar Beard Balm
Ezra Feller
Awesome beard balm! That’s אwesome with a Capitol Aleph!

This is by far the best balm my beard has seen. I tried others, but it felt like my beard decided to go on a strike. He obviously wanted Aleph Male.

Searching for Beard Oil

Want to first to thank you for the great customer service. Could not ask for better service. I had been looking for a beard oil product other than the one that I had been using. Having seen Aleph Male online and viewing your available product I purchase some of the items available and have tried them all. All are a great product and have a fantastic fragrance. Looking forward to purchasing more when the time comes to do so.
Thank you again for the service and wonderful beard oils.

Cedar Beard Balm
Adam Smith
Thanks Eitan

Great service, as always!

Blessing In A Bottle

This oil doesn't just nourish your beard. It anoints it! On a purely physical level, it smells and feels amazing! But on a deeper level, you feel your neshamah elevate when you anoint your beard with this oil! A little hint - use the beard anointing meditation found on the Aleph Male YouTube channel when you use this oil 😀

Great Product

Great Quality Balm, beautiful scent! Can not wait to place my next order! Thank you!

Great product

I’ve tried many beard balms before. This one is simply better then the rest of them.
The cedar is great!

Great products

Great products and a great customer service, I recommend!

High quality product, great service. This particular aroma was different than what I expected.

King's Blessing Beard Balm

Sukkot (Royal Festival) Beard Balm

King's Blessing Beard Balm

The greatest beard balms ever

Im so grateful for the day i found out about Aleph Male beard balms,
I had never tried a beard balm before, and was a bit skeptical. Wow, after my first time trying, i was convinced how amazing these products are. Eitan, is super friendly and easy to work with. Im looking forward to my next purchase.
The unique smell of this specific blend is one of my favorites.

Perfect Beard Balm

This balm rocks! It has a subtle, really nice natural scent that doesn’t linger too long like some balms. Boker Tov also smooths out my beard and leaves it very manageable and soft. Will definitely purchase again.

Soft & subtle

As usual good smell, great shine, gives my face a nice smooth look.

Best beard balm period.

This is the first time I’ve grown a beard and it was getting so itchy I was a about to shave it off when Aleph male beard balm arrived and I tried it and almost instantly there was a soothing effect and I stopped scratching. I’ve been using the balm and oil for about a month now and my beard is so so soft, it smells incredible, I’m always getting complements on the sent, my skin under the beard is moisturised, it’s not greasy at all even the oil, I couldn’t be happier and will be a customer forever. Also the company founder is such a helpful nice guy that is willing to take time to give you advice on your beard and what product is best, I honestly couldn’t recommend Aleph Male more. 10 out of 5

Great product!

Havdalah (Spirit & Spice) Beard Oil