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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
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Cedar Beard Balm
eli david

Cedar Beard Balm

Heaven and Earth

This is *amazing* beard balm. I have tried many oils and balms in the past, even making my own, but this surpasses them all. It leaves my beard soft and healthy, along with moisturizing the skin beneath, which was becoming a problem with my thick beard (the added bonus is using this on other parts of the body with the oil/balm that may be left over on the hands after beard application). The smell is even more heavenly!

I have to also say that I am very energetically/spiritually sensitive. Not only do the ingredients hold high and pure energy, the artistry and craftsmanship are felt -- this is truly made with holy intention -- a merging and marriage of Heaven and Earth. Any products are highly recommended!

Sublime anointment to set the day

A use the beard balm to increase my spiritual connection on a daily basis.

Amazing product

Fantastic product with amazing natural scents and good quality.

Really good beard oil!

The Absolute Israel beard oil is another great Aleph Male product!

My beard loves the combination of oils, taming it & making it shine. My heart loves the fact that all of those oils come from Eretz Yisrael!

It's unscented, but I enjoy the rich aroma of the four oils in the blend as I anoint my beard.

I may not wear anything else from Israel everyday, but my beard definitely does!

Great job on the Absolute Israel beard oil blend, Eitan!

My fav scent is back in stock! Woohoo!

So glad havdalah scent is back in stock! It’s my all-time favorite!

Absolute Israel Beard Oil
Avigdor Gonzalez
Happy customer

Excellent product the oil and the balm are amazing love the scents thank you Eitan

Absolutely Israel Beard Oil

Another great product from Aleph Male.

Awesomeness from the Holy Land

Wonderful beard oil making my bearded friends in New Zealand envious of the shine & condition of my beard👍🙂

Passover Beard Oil

Great product as always - thanks Eitan for producing yet another wonderful oil

Passover Beard Balm
Great Product!

Another spectacular product from Aleph Male! I have loved everything Eitan has produced and that also holds true with this latest recipe. Fabulous as always!

Amazing Limited Edition

My husband and son are really enjoying their new beard oil! Your products are amazing. Thank you for the special thought and prayers you put into your products.

Beard oil

Loved the product! Have used other brands before but this one is by far the best.

Passover Beard Balm
Daniel Garris
Such a Blessing!

It’s been nearly three months since I started using Aleph Male’s various balms and oils. To this point I’ve used Boker Tov and Sukkot in both balm and oil forms. Applying these has become an important part of my prayer life. Not only do the balms and oils leave my beard feeling soft they also hold well. If that wasn’t enough they also smell incredible! The mixture is consistent between both balm and oil. Thus far I’ve placed two orders and have no plans of seeking out another balm or oil. Thank you Eitan for following the LORD and providing this blessing.

Yesod Balm (unscented) Beard Balm

Always rocks

Love it thanks again

Aleph Male Mug
Phillip Reyes
Aleph Male mug

The mug is high quality and well made. The handle is large. I can fit my entire hand in the handle. Holds a large amount of fluid. Thank you Aleph Male!

Passover Beard Oil
David B
Love It

I always look forward to a delivery from Aleph Male. This was no exception. I think I like the beard balm a little better than the oil, but I’m enjoying the oil too. Thanks!

Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm

Passover Beard Balm
Charles Manty

Passover Beard Balm

Passover Beard Oil
Greg Schneider
Passover Beard Oil - Heavenly

My beard was quite pleased with application of the Passover Beard Oil. The scent and texture of the oil is quite pleasing as if the ingredients were carried by our ancestors from Sinai.

Great balm!

Love it

Passover Beard Oil
Greg Kennedy
It feels like Passover !

The Passover Beard oil is the best yet that they’ve made it smells very good already use 3/4 of the beard oil already! It makes your beard so soft and smelling good and looking good 👍

Great Balm As Usual

As usual, Aleph Male products do not disappoint. I'm currently using the Passover and Yesod blends and they work really well. They keep my beard comfortable and looking sharp. Shipping was also really quick. Todah rabah for another great product!

Awesome beard

Love it!