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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
Based on 346 reviews

Highly recommended!

Healthy Beard

Good oil to that keeps my beard looking healthy and smelling great.

Excellent product!

Highly recommended!

The oil feels great and smells great!! Thanks so much

A Soothing Scent

Very pleasant and calming yet bold. I used it on my beard on Friday nights and Saturday morning as my Shabbat scent.

excellent product

first time user of beard products but the beard oil is great. smells good, perfect consistency, goes on easy, is not overpowering, and wears off later in the day without any greasy feel or anything at all. can be used everyday if you want, or at your leisure. would definitely recommend the product

Royal experience

Great customer service!
Great smell.
Feels good.
Feels like royalty!

This balm smells great and does an amazing job for my beard

The balm smells great and feels great in my beard. Styles well

Bold and Powerful

It is a very strong bold scent. If you like lemon or an uplift fragrance then Sukkot id for you. I use it as my morning beard balm and used oil of the same scent and it help me get up and be ready for morning minyan.

First time user

Awesome product, very satisfied. Savvy and professional website and ordering system. Thoughtful and meaningful packaging, and outstanding quality. Thank you! Keep at it!

Thank God

Smells great! Easy to scrape out! Soft but holds just enough to poof your facial hair.

Good product

Took too long to arrive though. Good Shabbos!

Excellent product

This smells fantastic and looks fabulous!

Two thumbs up! Plus a free balm!

This was my second time ordering beard balm for my husband from aleph male because we loved it so much. Eitan was so nice and even threw in a free balm because apparently our order was slightly delayed.
Will be buying again when our supply runs out!

B”H Great stuff

I’ve been using the boker tov (which smells great) oil and balm for over a month. My beard is fairly large and coarse. For me the oil is great after a shower or before bed. During the day I use the balm to keep it soft and under control and it does a good job at that. I’ve had a beard for about 7 years and so far the best brand I’ve used. I’ll definitely be ordering more soon!

Really like this shirt!

The navy long-sleeve T-shirt is really soft and comfortable! Perfect for cool autumn days. Pairs well with Aleph Male beard balm! With beard products this good, I'm very happy to wear the logo!

Yesod (unscented) Beard Oil

Boker Tov beard balm

Smells great! I recommend it to friends .I love the ingredients


A little gritty but goes on smooth and smells awesome.

Awesome Product

Great beard oil. Holds well, smells great and most importantly, it has SOUL. Highly recommend.

Smells great!

The cedar beard oil is great! I love the smell and the way it helps moisturize my beard!

Smells great!

Great cedar aroma is very manly. Would order again!