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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
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Keeping that shabbos feeling

Loving this scent, not overpowering but still strong enough. It makes it feel like seudah shlishis singing before havdallah whenever I use it. If singing niggunim with best friends and fine whiskey had a smell, this would be it. Great balance of cinnamon and clove.

Another amazing product

This scent is more subtle than others I’ve used and lovely for early mornings, giving a gentle elevation to beard and soul alike.

Aleph Male is the Best Beard Oil on the Planet....Period!

I've been using Aleph Male beard oils for years. I've tried all the scents, and they're all wonderful. I love that they're made in Israel. The absolute best!

Don’t Let Your Beard Out Without I

AlephMale beard oil - don’t let your beard be seen without it. Thames your beard while it conditions. And the Boker Yov fragrance lets you introduce a happy good morning wherever you go.

Like the oil that ran upon the beard, even Aharon’s beard...

This balm is a blessing in a bottle. This product helps to settle wild hair and leaves it soft and a little shine, but not greasy. The beeswax melts easily so application is simple and consistent. I’ve used other balms or beard waxes that did melt consistently and left clumps. Not with Aleph male. The scent is not overwhelming, it smells great when initially and then throughout the day I notice a little bit of scent, mostly if I mess with the beard (I tried the Sukkot scent, and it’s like I’m shaking the Lulav when I put it on). I’m going to order the havdalah scent next, and I highly recommend this product. Support Israeli crafts folk and do your beard a favor!

Smells great and easy to apply

I really enjoy using the Boker Tov beard balm. It smells great, doesnt leave the beard greasy but keeps it manageable.
I would definitely recommend

Cedar Beard Oil
אבירם מלכין
השמן הכי טוב שיש

אני משתמש בשמנים ובבאלם של אלף מייל כבר כמה שנים, אחרי הרבה נסיונות של מותגים אחרים הוא ללא ספק הטוב ביותר שיצא לי להשתמש בו. ריחות מעולים והזקן מרגיש בריא מאי פעם.

Love this!

Awesome scent! Feels great in my beard and keeps it shapely all day long! I love it!

Great product!

Superb quality, looks and feels great on my beard! I love these products!

Yesod beard oil

Love your products.

Great beard products!

I ordered two oils and two balms. I love them both, but I think my favorite is the sukkot oil and balm. Wonderful scents and keeps my beard shiny and soft all day long! Thank you Eitan for making such a great product!
Randy Umberger

Beard Oil

Love the Sukkot Beard Oil. Use it every day & the wife loves the way it smells.

Havdalah (Spirit & Spice) Beard Balm

Smells like Havdala every day!

Love feeling renewal as I smell my husbands nourished beard every day! Thanks Aleph Male

Great Conditioning & Complete, Invisible Control

Most I’ve tried in the past provide excellent conditioning. AlephMale is the ONLY one that provides full control, invisibility and a great choice of scents. Although the price is nominally higher, AlephMale balm and oil are so heavily concentrated that you need far less. See before and after pictures.

Great stuff

Love the beard balm. Please make it just a tad softer so that we can smear it like a bagel into our beards also in colder climates. Excellent customer service.

Perfect beard balm

This beard balm keeps my beard fresh and looking good without a scent. I usually use the boker tov but at times you need to use something without a scent.

Yesod Beard Oil Delivers

The Yesod beard oil helped my beard stay soft and alive upon applying it.

King's Blessing Beard Balm
Christopher Rush
King’s blessing

Wonderful scent! Great way to start the day.

Happy wife, Happy life

These Awesomedacious oils are your all-occasion advantage!

Honestly, the best smelling and highest quality oils I’ve tried.

Great product

Love the product!!

My New Favorite Post-Shower Ritual

Ever since starting to use my Aleph Male products after my shower I have come to really appreciate the ritual of "anointing" my beard with Kings Blessing Oil and then applying the Kings Blessing Beard Balm to shape it. I leave the ritual with a gentle scent that wafts playfully up to my nose and my beard always looks neat and robust. Seriously, since starting to use Aleph Male's products, I have received multiple compliments on my beard. Really happy with the purchase. Do your beard a favor - get some Aleph Male beard oil and balm.

Cedar Beard Oil
Pierre-André Mauduit
a walk in the forest

Love the softness of this blend. It gives a fresh start for the day with a sent that reminds me of nature. My beard feels soft and hydrated and it last throughout the day. It is a blessing. יום טוב

Cedar Balm

This balm is a royal scent. It softens the beard, and is easy to apply to the roots of one's beard also.

Soft beautiful hoodie!

This hoodie is both soft and comfy. It has a symbol of the Apleph as a reminder that all of Creation has a beginning, except for The Source outside of creation, and the Only Creator (Hashem). It sends a message of solidarity with the Jewish people, Torah, and a solid NO MORE to antisemitism. This hoodie is roomie, and worth the purchase.