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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
Based on 228 reviews
It smells good

It smelled good

It's a nice shirt

It's a nice shirt

My brother likes it

I purchased for my brother. He likes it!

Love it

The aroma of Sukkot is by far my favorite. It awakens the nostrils and coats your beard with its wonderful blend of ingredients. Pick up a bottle, you will be glad you did!!! Love this stuff!

Great product

Love it and use it every day! Feels natural, absorbed fast without leaving hair too oily, and the scent is fantastic.

Menorah Miracle Beard Balm - Hanukkah Blend - Limited Edition
Miraculous Menorah Miracle!

Every product I’ve purchased from Aleph Male has been excellent, and I expected the same from the Menorah Miracle. Nevertheless, I was surprised: the Menorah Miracle’s light and citrusy scent is magnificent, both calming and invigorating. Menorah Miracle is competing with the Sukkot Blend for my favorite balm! Toda rabbah from my happy beard!


Really love the scent! looking forward to trying some of your other balms in the future.

Love it!!!

I absolutely love this scent, and it is my new favorite in the product line. It awakens the senses and puts a huge smile on your face. The texture of the product is so smooth & buttery soft, it melts into your palms. Then you apply to your face and marvel. Just like every other product in the line, this is super high quality. Go ahead & try this one, you will love it.

Havdalah Kapara!

This is a divine smell and truly captures the essence of what we do on Havdalah. I love wearing this during the week since it brings spice, calmness, and a warm feeling.

King's Blessing!

Nice blend - softer than some of the others. As always, great ingredients and nourishing for any beard - even thick and tough ones!

Perfectly amazing in every way!

Simply Amazing

Love this balm! The fragrance is so pleasant and has actually helped with my dry skin under my beard. Thank you so much

The best!!

This is the best gift for any beard. The smells are divine, last long enough, and are appealing in all aspects. I can't say enough about this product, the company, and the founder. Simply.. . A treat for the any beard!


Outstanding , long lasting scent. The oil does its job as usual , just a bit disappointed with the rather large price increase.


Outstanding , long lasting scent. The oil does its job as usual , just a bit disappointed with the rather large price increase.

Official Brand Enthusiast

I am new to the world of beard maintenance and I never imagined that I would feel passionately about balm. But the Aleph Male product, service, and community has turned me into a true brand enthusiast. Thank you, Eitan!

Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm

Great stuff

Such a great way to start the day!


This beard oil has the smoothest consistency I have felt among beard oils. The oil is certainly a quality product!

Firm and fragrant

Love this stuff. It has a firm hold and a fantastic fragrance. My wife compliments it every time I use it.

Looking for a beard oil? Look no further.

Great bottle. I fly almost every week and no leaking. Oil is very easy to apply to a beard comb. Smell is great. Conditions well.

Great product

I have a shelf full of balms and oils...... Aleph Male is my no.1 !!!! This stuff is great. Done wonders for my beard. As an Israeli i also love the local part of it.THANKS EITAN

Great product

I really enjoyed the scent of this beard oil, and the time it took to get it.. awesome job

Drinking from it now

Mug is a good mug as mugs go...normal. BUT, what a great conversation starter. The symbol causes people to take a second look and even start a conversation. Love it


I absolutely love this scent! It is incredible and refreshing! I myself am a Christian and honor Shabbat Shalom! This scent is what I put in my beard when I wake up to go to church every Sunday! It has deepened my spiritual life as every time I smell the scent it brings praise to the Lord for the beginning of the week. Aside from the spiritual benefits, no better place to receive ingredients than Israel! If you want a pure and QUALITY oil, get this now!!