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Aleph Male Beard Balm and Beard Oil is spreading from Israel to all over the world, here are just a few examples of what people have to say.
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This stuff is awesome! It smells nice and the aroma has a calming effect (to me). I feel calm. Thank You Alephmale.

Boker Tov

I love this beard balm! No surprise though all of your products are amazing.

So glad I finally tried it

I had been wanting to try out Aleph Male beard balm for a while now, and I am so glad I did. My beard feels soft and relaxed, and it looks better than ever. I am glad to finally be taking care of my beard. It is now an integral part of my pre-shabbos routine. The aroma is nice too. It's also great to buy a product when you support the message behind it! Will likely be buying again.

Great product

Great product.

Love the product

This is my third order of the wonderful product, I chose the unscented for those times when i wish for a scent less product. Blessed be this and those that make it

Sukkot Beard Balm + Oil Combo 🔥

Great balm

This is second time I ordered. As always great product. Fast shipping as well. Keep up the great work

Awesome present!

Often times, as Jewish folk or Zionist’s, the world seems to tell us to hide. Hide our faith, hide our passion in our ancestral land, hide our identity and who we are. This shirt defies this notion, proudly displaying who we are, what we believe and what we stand for. This shirt makes a great present, and is incredibly comfortable ! Can not recommend enough!

Boker Tov

Good texture and shine but the scent not so much.

Great scent and shine

Wonderful product, gives great scent and shine to my messy beard.

Boker Tov (Fresh Start) Beard Balm

Blessing indeed

This past fall (2018) my wife and I visited Italy for the first time (we are from US). I ended up being sick for almost the entire 2 weeks, and as a result shaving was low on my priority list - I came home with a "beard." I have only had a beard one time before in my life, and that was a good 30 years ago! In the midst of an incredibly itchy initial growing, I thought "who knows how to manage beards the best?" My immediate search was for "Israeli beard oil" and it turned up Aleph Male. For the past couple years, I have been learning Biblical Hebrew, so a company with Aleph in it's name had to be legit!

I ordered a couple bottles (Boker Tov and Sukkot). Not only did it sooth the itch and give my beard a wonderful soft touch, but I got many compliments on the aroma (even from, no, especially from my wife! Once those bottles got low, I decided to order a couple more, and Aleph Male had some new scents: Cedar and Kings Blessing got my attention so I ordered them. I reviewed the Cedar already (summary: very nice).

For Kings Blessing, It turns out I was mistakenly sent a very strong Cinnamon smelling oil (which was actually another new oil they had available). I hadn't chosen the Cinnamon oil because I wasn't sure what that would be like smeared on my beard, just inches from my nose all day. It turned out to be amazing! I was reluctant to even mention to Eitan about the mixup because I was so pleased with the cinnamon (now one of my favorites!). However, I did let Eitan know in case he had a production issue. Besides, I REALLY wanted the Kings Blessing - Sage, Jasmine... So Eitan sent me a free replacement bottle.

So the real Kings Blessing - not exactly what I expected - I did not get the Sage or Jasmine scent I had expected as much as a more earthly, subtly cedar smell (yet it is clearly not the cedar oil!). In short, it is yet another wonderful beard oil from Aleph Male. Not sweet, not harsh, just a clean, pleasing "male" aroma that follows you around mos...

Coffee mug for the BEARDED!!

Awesome mug!! Perfect size for me! Beautiful ALEPH MALE symbol on it! I enjoy drinking coffee from my ALEPH MALE mug!!!

Alef Make is awesome

Our son loves Alef Male and now his beard looks so good I ordered it for my husband. Now, my husband’s beard looks so neat, is soft and he loves it. I am so happy that I ordered it!

Anointing beard blessings

I absolutely love these products!!! The scents are amazing!! And it really works well! My beard looks and feels amazing!! And i get a lot of complements on thea look and smell of my beard!! So do your beard a favor and GET THIS STUFF!!! GOD BLESS THE BEARDED BROTHERS!!!

Amazing Product!

My son loves this so much, I decided to get some for my husband. My husband, whose beard was always hard to control tried it and loved it. It makes a huge difference and, this man who hates all perfumes, even the smell of aftershave loves the mild perfect smell of the cedar. I couldn’t be happier with Alef Male! I highly recommend it! Send me a link and I’ll gladly send you before and after pictures😃

Very Satisfied Customer

I'm not all that hairy, but your product is very kind towards my face and skin.
Thank you so much... I feel much closer to 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 knowing my beard is being blessed.
Thank You.


Love the smell, citrusy but not overpowering, gives my beard a nice glow

Zion Strong T-shirt

Love it, love the design, love the bold statement! It says what I believe, "think what you want, this land belongs to God's chosen people, the apple of His eye!!" Shalom

Wonderful fragrance.

The same smell as the end of the Sabbath mixed spices. Amazing.

Cedar is earthy and delightful

At first I wasn’t sure that I liked the cedar smell. Not quite like fresh cut cedar or a cedar box. But as I wear it, it has grown on me. Not sweet or flowery, it is manly. Aleph manly!

Thank you!

Love and appreciate the boker tov and sukkot beard balms. Thank you!!!

Wonderful product

My blessed beard

What a difference this has made. My beard has never felt or looked better!
I look forward to anointing it every morning.

Best Beard Balm Ever!!!

I absolutely love this beard balm. I especially love the available fragrances. I have tried a lot of beard products including balms, oils, and waxes. Aleph Male is always at the top, and has become my “go to” beard product.