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Passover 2020

Aleph Male's Passover 2020 Beard Oil the essential oil of myrrh which is associated with passion, energy, nature and healing. 

Why is myrrh the scent of Aleph Male’s Pesach Blend for 2020? First of all, it has a woodsy floral fragrance which is quite pleasant. Second, from a spiritual perspective myrrh has some strong associations with Passover. The holiday of Passover is associated with springtime when the natural world is growing and sprouting new buds and flowers. In fact, it is a biblical commandment in the Torah that Passover must fall after the spring equinox. Rabbi Abraham Issac Kook, the first chief Rabbi of pre-state Israel, penned a phrase associated with the Hebrew month of Nissan on which Passover falls, "The Exodus of Israel from Egypt will forever remain the springtime of the entire world."

There is a custom over the Passover holiday to read the Jewish love poem, the Song of Songs. Myrrh is frequently featured in the Song of Songs. In Chapter 5, verse 1, the male lover declares to his beloved, “I have come to my garden, my sister, O bride, I have gathered my myrrh with my spice” Later on, from the female perspective, the lover declares to her beloved, “I arose to open for my beloved, and my hands dripped myrrh, and my fingers flowed with myrrh.”  Myrrh is associated with passion, energy, desire and the pulsating life force connected to spring which is a big facet of the Passover holiday. 

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