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Aleph Male  Beard Oil+Balm Kit

Aleph Male Beard Oil+Balm Kit

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Activate they dynamic duo of Aleph Male Beard Oil plus Aleph Male Beard Balm for a full majestic beard revelation.

The conditioning power of Aleph Male Beard Oil combined with the shaping power Aleph Male Beard Balm takes the look and smell of a beard to a new level.

All Aleph Male Beard Balms are handmade in Jerusalem with 100% natural ingredients and make your beard look neater, sharper and majestic (much better than scraggly bristling and unkempt). They also moisturize and soften the hair and skin underneath. 

Beard Balm Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Bees Wax (sourced in Israel), Olive Oil (sourced in Israel), Vitamin -E Oil, Jojoba Oil and essential oils. 

Beard Oil Ingredients: Olive Oil (sourced in Israel), Almond Oil (sourced in Israel), Vitamin-E Oil, and essential oils.