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Aleph Male Podcast 4: Naftali Engel founder of The Rebbe's Choice

Aleph Male is a Jewish lifestyle brand and that means biblically inspired handmade beard care products from the Land of Israel is just the beginning. Please meet Naftali Engel, the first guest of the rebooted Aleph Male podcast spotlighting positive Jewish masculinity, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Naftali Engel is the creator of The Rebbe’s Choice, a hasidic inspired food brand whole line is composed of high-end Hasidic-hipster herring, lox, and kichel. In this podcast we bridge the gap between business and chassidus. Listen now. 


1:00- 7:03 - Introduction


7:03 - The origins of the rebbes choices

  • Getting inspired in Safed
  • Crafting herring on the yeshiva balcony
  • Husting herring from the Jerusalem shuk


8:20 The official launch in the US 

  • Getting a hechsher and a place to make the herring
  • Selling door to door and text to text
  • Milestone of growth including getting married


15:30 Torah and Chassidus of Business

  • Who is wise? He who learns from everyone
  • Thanking Hashem before you do more
  • Hasidic Story from the Bnei Yissaschar on business


23.25 What role does emunah play in your business?


  • Davening about business matters 
  • Giving room for Hashem to work 
  • Every aspect of business is enclothed in emunah


28:55 what are some of the challenges that you had to face in building your business?


  • Breaking through roadblocks
  • Rebounding after construction turns of electricity over Pesach... 


32:38 What music do you listen to while you make the herring?


33:48 How do you explain the positive response to the Rebbes Choice? 

  • The holiness of eating
  • People learning about Hasidic Rebbes through the products 


38:35 - How do you be a good Jewish husband and what have you learned since getting married?