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Play the playlist of Beard Balming Music


 Aleph Male is not just a hasidic hispter Jewish beard balm handmade in Israel! It's a culture and that means music. Here is some of the music I love to listening to while I pray and craft Aleph Male. 

 1. Zusha - Baruch Hashem on the Moshav

2. Zusha - Covering Alicia Key's No One

3. Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling

4. Zusha - "Mashiach"

5. Levi Robins - No Worries

6. Levi Robin - Lions Den

7. Diwan Ha Lev - The Soul of All Life

8. Diwan Ha Lev - שמעתי שמעך

9. Shye Ben Tzur - Gathering

10. Zusha - Liba

11. Levi Robin - Mighty Waters

12. Zusah - Modeh

13. Zusha/Pumpadisa/Matt Dubb - Baruch Hashem