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Kings Blessing - 2oz. tin
Beard Balm - Yesod Beard Balm (unscented) - 2oz. Tin
Beard Balm - Yesod Beard Balm (unscented) - 2oz. Tin

Kings Blessing - 2oz. tin

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King’s Blessing is inspired by King David’s journeys through Judean hills and fields around Jerusalem. Fields which are home to two herbs with royally potent fragrances - sage and jasmine. The sage plant has a fresh, earthy, and purifying aroma and the smell of jasmine still fills the streets of Jerusalem with its intoxicatingly subtle and sweet fragrance. Together they create a majestically balanced fragrance that we are proud to present as King’s Blessing,  Aleph Male’s newest scent blend.


Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax (sourced in Israel), olive oil (sourced in Israel), sage oil, jasmine oil, vitamin-E oil.

How is it good for my beard? 

  • Controls beard frizz
  • Moistens and softens dry scraggly hair
  • Allows you to shape the beard and mustache (it makes it majestic looking)
  • Creates a greater symmetry within facial hair and highlights jawline
  • Brings out the shine in your beard which reveals hues and colors previously hidden 

How does it work? 

  1.  Easy. Just open the tin with a twist.
  2. Scrape about a pea size worth of balm with the back of your thumb.
  3. Melt the balm in your palm by rubbing your palms and fingers together.
  4. Smooth aka 'anoint' the balm into your beard, running your hands over the surface of the beard, in between the hairs and underneath.
  5. Smile and enjoy the Aleph Male beard experience.  


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