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Purim Paradox Beard Oil - 2oz Limited Edition

Purim Paradox Beard Oil - 2oz Limited Edition

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Scent Profile: Myrrh and Myrtle 

The Purim Paradox scent blend celebrates the heroes of the Purim story, Mordechai and Esther. The Talmud teaches that the fragrance associated with Mordechai is myrrh and the fragrance associated with Esther (whose Hebrew name is Hadassah) is myrtle (Hadas).

The scent blend is called Purim Paradox because Purim is all about hidden miracles. Mordechai and Esther heroically risked their lives to save the Jewish people from the seemingly unstoppable plans of the arch-villain Haman, but in the end, it was not their actions that saved the day. It was a series of seemingly ‘random’ coincidences that aligned perfectly with their efforts which led to their victory and the salvation of the Jewish people. Which brings us to the paradox of free will vs. divine providence...

Handmade in Jerusalem with 100% natural ingredients, all Aleph Male Beard Oils help soften and neaten (control frizz) your beard, moisturize your beard's hair and the skin underneath, and smell great. 

Ingredients: Olive Oil (sourced in Israel), Almond Oil (sourced in Israel), Vitamin-E Oil, and the above mentioned essential oils.