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Beard Balm - Sukkot Beard Balm - 2oz. Tin
Beard Balm - Sukkot Beard Balm - 2oz. Tin
Beard Balm - Sukkot Beard Balm - 2oz. Tin

Sukkot Beard Balm - 2oz. tin

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Sukkot (also known as the Festival of Tabernacles) is associated with joy and is connected to the harvest, nature and the elements. It is also a holiday filled fragrances that inspires this zesty and quickening scent profile. 

Scent Profile    

Myrtle (Hadas): One of the four herbs waved during the Sukkot holiday to bring down blessings this smell is invigorating and restores clarity. 

Lemon: This classic citrus scent is very similar to the etrog (citron) fruit and gives a zesty quality to the blend. 

Lemon Grass: A softer scent similar to lemon but with more earthy relaxing tones. 

Mint: A cooling and sweeting scent to smooth out the aroma. 

    How is it good for my beard? 

    • Controls beard frizz
    • Moistens and softens dry scraggly hair
    • Allows you to shape the beard and mustache (it makes it majestic looking)
    • Creates a greater symmetry of facial hair and highlights jawline
    • Brings out the shine in your beard which reveals hues and colors previously hidden 

    Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax ( sourced in Israel), olive oil (sourced in Israel), vitamin-E oil & essential oils (listed above)

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