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12 Month Aleph Male Beard Balm Journey

12 Month Aleph Male Beard Balm Journey

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This is a not a beard balm subscription. This is a beard balm journey. Once you get on the train, you and your beard are going to places you have never been before. 

How does it work?

Every month a holy tin of Aleph Male Beard Balm, handmade in Jerusalem, will make it's way to your door (whether is around the corner or across the ocean).

You can look forward to scents inspired by biblical icons like King David, and Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashana (think apples and honey). Just as there are 12 ancient Israelite tribes, every month for 12 months, you are going to get a unique handmade blend for that month.  Every month is going to be a new olfactory surprise.  Also, as a member of the year tribe you will also get the info, the data, the spiritual teachings, which inspired that months tin. 

 This journey is for the adventurous beardsman ready to go on an Aleph Male beard trip. We'll send out your first tin on receipt of your order. For this first tin, you can choose balm from one of our original offerings. Then, every month you will receive a receive a new tin with a scent blend inspired by the themes of that month.

We will send you a preview of each new scent blend before we send it out. This way, in case there is an odor which really turns you off, you can select one of our original five signature blends instead. 

As a member of the Aleph Male Year Tribe you will also get invited to exclusive members-only events and opportunities. Of course, you are also saving 18% off the regular price of each tin and getting access to blends not available except through the year tribe package. 

Ready to begin? Let's go!